Israeli Wills

Israeli Wills – Questions to Ask

Inheritance law in Israel are extremely old and complex. There are a number of extremely complex issues involved in Israeli wills and Israeli inheritance law. You will need the services of a competent Israeli lawyer to help you navigate through the process, even if you are in possession of a valid Israeli will.

Here are some of the major questions which will have to be answered before inherited assets can be successfully transferred to heirs of a deceased Israeli resident.

What happens to my assets if I do not leave a valid will?

If I am married, what assets are my surviving spouse entitled to?

If I am married according to “common law” (meaning that I wasn’t legally married but have been with a life partner for a sufficiently long time) what assets will my surviving partner be entitled to inherit from my estate?

If I have surviving children and one or both of my parents are also still alive, who is entitled to what?

If I have a surviving spouse or common law partner, what are my children and/or surviving parents entitled to inherit from my estate?

Is my joint Israeli bank account counted as a will? (The answer is “NO”). If I have included survivability provisions in my joint Israeli bank account, is that counted as a will? (The answer again is “NO”).

How do I draw up a will which will be valid after I die?

If I leave surviving minor children, must I name a guardian until my minor children attain majority age? What happens if I do not name a guardian over my minor children?

I have heard that there are some situations where I will need an Israeli executor of my estate and some situations where I will not. What are the details?

What if I have a will which has specific conditions attached to it? ) For example, can you leave a will that stipulates that your heirs must immigrate to Israel in order to inherit my assets?)

I have heard that I can have two wills – one for my Israeli assets and one for my foreign assets. Is this true? (The answer is YES but it’s not recommended).

What do I need to know about the probate process in Israel?

What is an Israeli Durable Power of Attorney? A Durable Power of Attorney means that the power of attorney is still valid even in the event of your becoming incapacitated. Before 2017, there was no Durable Power of Attorney in Israel: now there is.

In the United States, I can leave something called a “Living Will”. Can I make a living will in Israel while I’m still alive, and will it be valid after I become incapacitated or upon my death?

These are just a few of the questions which arise when dealing with Israeli wills. A competent and experienced Israeli attorney must be retained to provide the correct answers to these and other questions pertaining to Israeli wills and other complexities of Israeli inheritance law.

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