Business matters in Israel

Rahav D. Aharoni

Managing Partner

My dear mother always wanted me to be a lawyer. So I went to law school, graduating in 2006. After completing my legal training and working diligently for a few years in law firms in Tel Aviv, I decided to establish my own practice advising international clients with legal and business matters in Israel. Hard work, determination, trust and dedication are the hallmarks of my firm and my belief. Every day I focus on helping my clients achieve their goals firmly and wisely.

When I handle a case, or negotiate and structure a business deal, I make a commitment to my clients to have a close relationship and provide high-end professional representation every step of the way. I recognize that every client is unique and approaches my firm with different goals and expectations. This means that I dedicate the time to get to know my clients matter in every direction so that I can find the right solutions to their legal and business matters.

I was born and raised in Rehovot, Israel. I have always been a problem-solver by nature. My father was the principal of an elementary school named Ramot-Weitzman in Yavne who then made a transition to business, founding a successful real estate brokerage firm in Rehovot.

My dear mother also worked as a school teacher and I graduated from public school. After my schooling, I served three years in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) first serving in a combat unit with the prestigious Givati Brigade and later becoming a non-commissioned officer in HR & Operations.

After serving in the army, I joined my father’s real estate brokerage firm. It was the perfect point to learn real estate, business and, most importantly, common people. I spent half of my twenties working side by side with my father learning the real estate business. This is where I evolved my passion for, and understanding of, the business world.

It’s all about commitment and working one-on-one with my clients, remotely or around the table, that allows me to form strong attorney-client relationship based upon mutual understanding and superb communication. We spend the time necessary to understand the clients’ goals and needs, and clients trust that we are fully committed to them and follow through.

If you have legal or business matters in Israel, we are here to provide you with hard thinking and tailor-made counsel. We can guide you through the complexities of Israeli law and the many challenges associated with conducting business in Israel and the world. Whether you need assistance in resolving a legal problem or dispute, locating inherited Israeli property, seeking professional property management in Israel, enforcing a foreign judgment in Israeli court, or you are looking to take on a new and promising business venture in Israel, we are driven to advise you with your key legal and business needs.

I have been a member of the Israel Bar Association since 2007. Lic. No. 47409